Review: Badassical #1 – When Cute Meets Violence

Badassical 1 Cover

Have you ever been channel surfing, come across a scene that’s interesting, sucks you in, and the next thing you know you’ve sat down and watched the whole episode?  Whatever the comic version of this is, Badassical #1 did it to me.

Collette’s art is like a series of pin-ups with a few action sequences sprinkled in.  Normally, comics like this feel stiff, but she pulls it off, adding to character development through subtle posture and facial expressions that feel natural.  Collette’s character designs are fantastic, this also plays into her ability to pull the reader into this character driven story.

Art owned by Badassical creative team,.

Skipper’s colours compliment the art, providing a polished look.  Choices of skin tones, hair & eye colour add to fleshing the three protagonists out, and drives home that we are looking at three individuals.  So many comics miss the mark on this, and can even confuse the reader as to who they are looking at, not happening with Badassical.

I never read any of John’s work before this, but I immediately felt like I was in the hands of an experienced storyteller.  He moves the plot forward with fun and natural dialogue, which hints at a larger world, but doesn’t bog the reader down.  I like the characters in Badassical and want to read more about them.

Badassical WIP

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