Review: Daughters of Knights

Daughters of Knights is a comic created by Albertan, Steven Charles Rosia.  You can pick up a digital copy at ComixCentral.

Daughters of Knights Page 1
DOK Page 1


Steven can convey the feeling of a story.  Daughters of Knights (DOK) is a black and white comic, although reading it, you’ll barely notice.  The techniques he uses when shading each panel instantly provide setting and mood.  Use of light and dark balance well to guide the reader’s eye.

He also does some solid world building through character designs and backgrounds.  There is a lot of story being told in the art, but because of Steven’s skill, it is absorbed passively while reading the flow of panels.

Daughters of Knights Page 2
DOK Page 2


I do not mean to be unfair, but when I read this story, I kept waiting for the Hound to show up and save the girl.  I mean this to be a compliment to the world building going on in DOK, as Steven’s work is very different from the Game of Thrones, and outside of the fantasy setting there is not many similarities.  Like GOT, he builds a world where people have individual motivations and perspectives.  DOK also sets a tone of a world where there are real consequences to character’s actions and interactions.

Daughters of Knights Page 3
DOK Page 3


My biggest question is, where is the next one!  Great world and character development, I want to read more.  Steven, can you make this happen, please?  I rate Daughters of Knights seven Lutes.

Daughters of Knights Page 4
DOK Page


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