Review: The Adventures of Auroraman #1

The Adventures of Auroraman #1 by Jeff Burton

Heritage Moments First Flight by Justin Shauf & Donovan Yaciuk

Auroraman #1 Contributors include: Justin Shauf, Donovan Yaciuk, Shay Hahn, Corbin Shauf, Madelyn Yaciuk, Elaine Will, Sharon Gauthier, Christopher Yao, Dan Collins, A.P Fuchs, & Jason Sylvestre.

It Came From Dead Moose Lake by Shay Hahn & Donovan Yaciuk


This comic packs a lot of punch within the 64 pages printed!  It’s an anthology book with all stories centered around Auroraman.  Heritage Moments: First Flight opens the book with Justin Shauf‘s strong traditional super hero look, complimented by Donovan Yaciuk‘s interesting choice use a Golden Age aesthetic when colouring.  It Came From Dead Moose Lake, by Shay Hahn, shifts gears to an indie style in a story that would look at home along side Top Shelf titles.  CBC Books Presents gives is a fun story, a father/son collaboration between Corbin and Justin Shauf gives a lot of heart to the short.  Bugs in the Park by the wonderful Elaine Will looks fantastic, as her art always does (see the review on her book, Arkade).  Sharon & Dan’s Adventures of lil’ Auroraman look stylistically like 90’s Saturday morning cartoons were put in a blender with anime.  Summer Chill by Christopher Yao gets the book back to a more traditional superhero look.  Next we have Mr. Sylvestre creating some art with The 3D Adventure, yes a freaking, 3 (glasses included with the comic)D, story!  Prelude to a Storm ends the book with Justin getting back to the superhero vibe.

Bugs in the Park by Elaine Will


The Adventures of Auroraman has a focus on exploring the Auroraman character’s origins, family life, and world.  Recognizing Saskatchewan geography within the pages is oddly exciting.  For example, seeing Humboldt’s Lighthouse Water Tower is not something I would expect to read in a comic, it’s oddly neat seeing local landmarks represented by local comic creators.

Summer Chill by Christopher Yao


I had a lot of fun reading the Adventures of Auroraman.  There is a lot of value in the comic, and a lot of reasons for different demographics to read it.  It’s kid friendly, it has a lot of local flavor, and it has a 3D STORY!  I rate this comic one MASSIVE undead moose.