Preview:The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck

The Black Shuck

The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck for Pre-Order on Kickstarter!

This post is going to be a little different, I’m doing a preview!  Mark Allard was kind enough to provide me with his script and a couple pages of preview art for his upcoming comic, The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck.


The line work and inking is to be done by Ryan Howe, known for excellent books such as the HenchmenSpacepig Hamadeus and Daisy Blackwood (check out the CEK Review).  Ryan is obviously skilled (see the pages below), and where he excels the most is as a story teller.  All background work, character expressions and clothing help to immerse the reader into the wold he builds.  Panel perspectives are always changing, keeping the story engaging and the pacing up.

Elaine Will is on colouring duty for The Burning Black.  While I’ve read all of Elaine’s work (please pick up Look Straight Ahead, it’s an important book about mental health), I’ve never paid close attention to her colouring work.  Here I see some great choices which elevate Ryan’s line work, giving his art a new stylized, cinematic feel.

Burning Black -page 1
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This is a preview, and full disclosure, I did not read the entire script.  I do not wish to ruin my first experience of reading Burning Black’s printed version.  Mark explained, during a coffee, the Black Shuck is an icon of folklore across the British Isles, with recorded accounts of sightings, blending with fairy tales spun by communities, adding to the legend.

Mark’s goal is to explore a fictional background of the Black Shuck, speculating on how this monster came to be, and what this could imply under the scope of real world history.  Furthermore, Mark explores the dark side of humanity, in the context of Cognitive Dissonance, and the potential for a Mr. Hyde-like result from the stress this can cause on one’s mind.

Burning Black -page 2
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Where to Buy?

The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter.  All of the funds raised from pre-sales are going directly into paying Elaine and Ryan their page rates. 

While CEK’s focus is Saskatchewan based, this project reached across the Atlantic and lead to an article with the BBC.  I am certain The Burning Black will become something special, do not miss your chance to pre-order your copy!

Review: The Adventures of Auroraman #1

The Adventures of Auroraman #1 by Jeff Burton

Heritage Moments First Flight by Justin Shauf & Donovan Yaciuk

Auroraman #1 Contributors include: Justin Shauf, Donovan Yaciuk, Shay Hahn, Corbin Shauf, Madelyn Yaciuk, Elaine Will, Sharon Gauthier, Christopher Yao, Dan Collins, A.P Fuchs, & Jason Sylvestre.

It Came From Dead Moose Lake by Shay Hahn & Donovan Yaciuk


This comic packs a lot of punch within the 64 pages printed!  It’s an anthology book with all stories centered around Auroraman.  Heritage Moments: First Flight opens the book with Justin Shauf‘s strong traditional super hero look, complimented by Donovan Yaciuk‘s interesting choice use a Golden Age aesthetic when colouring.  It Came From Dead Moose Lake, by Shay Hahn, shifts gears to an indie style in a story that would look at home along side Top Shelf titles.  CBC Books Presents gives is a fun story, a father/son collaboration between Corbin and Justin Shauf gives a lot of heart to the short.  Bugs in the Park by the wonderful Elaine Will looks fantastic, as her art always does (see the review on her book, Arkade).  Sharon & Dan’s Adventures of lil’ Auroraman look stylistically like 90’s Saturday morning cartoons were put in a blender with anime.  Summer Chill by Christopher Yao gets the book back to a more traditional superhero look.  Next we have Mr. Sylvestre creating some art with The 3D Adventure, yes a freaking, 3 (glasses included with the comic)D, story!  Prelude to a Storm ends the book with Justin getting back to the superhero vibe.

Bugs in the Park by Elaine Will


The Adventures of Auroraman has a focus on exploring the Auroraman character’s origins, family life, and world.  Recognizing Saskatchewan geography within the pages is oddly exciting.  For example, seeing Humboldt’s Lighthouse Water Tower is not something I would expect to read in a comic, it’s oddly neat seeing local landmarks represented by local comic creators.

Summer Chill by Christopher Yao


I had a lot of fun reading the Adventures of Auroraman.  There is a lot of value in the comic, and a lot of reasons for different demographics to read it.  It’s kid friendly, it has a lot of local flavor, and it has a 3D STORY!  I rate this comic one MASSIVE undead moose.

Sask Expo 2017

I am a little slow to post this, but I had a lot of fun at Sask Expo this year.  I met wonderful people and came home with great books and art!