Review: Genreville

Genreville is a comic created by Saskitonian Huw Evans.  You can contact Huw or learn more about this project through his website,


Ink!  Oh man can Huw ink a page!  There is a lot of depth here, and the inks are a big part of it.  They compliment his character designs, which remind me of old Mad Magazine, but stylistically are much different.  Huw effectively puts a unique spin on genre tropes to ground the character’s in their setting, while simultaneously hinting at each character’s history.  There is a clever short hand here, providing a lot of story within “Genreville”.


The story moves fast, pacing is breakneck in this genre-jumping tail.  Jack Crandall is a dick, literally, it’s his job, and it sends him on a journey with a giant woman, a mad scientist, zombies, greasers, party teens, a pirate and a jungle woman.  A lot happens in this comic, but the scenes never feels forced.  Huw leverages cliches to great effect, keeping a consistent feel of across the comic.


I had a lot of fun reading this nod to 50s pulp, Huw blends a lot of gags in the background of the story and keeps me engaged with fast pacing.  The setting is established immediately, letting us know the story will be surreal, to keep the reader for each crazy twist.  I rate Genreville eight sea monkeys.  If you like it, you may also like the film Instruments of Evil which Huw created.