Hard Wyred Kickstarter

Hardwyred Kickstarter

Maybe you’re tired of hearing about the Emiiy Executioner Kickstarter Campaign.

You think, “Hey guys, I’ve already bought your book!  Stop polluting my feed with this Emily Executioner book.  I get it’s a political action comic, with a strong female lead, blah blah blah..”

You’re Right Comic Reader!

Right now is a time to show you another Kickstarter campaign.  Friend and fellow Canadian, Eric Bitmanis is running a Kickstarter for Hard Wyred!  There is only nine days left to grab your copy, hop in and click some buttons before it’s too late!

I’ve read issues one and two so far.  Erik and Ross know what they are doing.

Hard Wyred #3
Hard Wyred Covers

Help Erik finish strong and reach those stretch goals!


Happy Reading,