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Emily Executioner

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Emily Executioner's Kickstarter Campaign
Emily Executioner’s Kickstarter Campaign

What would happen if your family asked you to do something bad?  I mean, killing innocent kids bad?

Emily’s adopted family are the Contractors, a private military firm hired by the Eagle State to suppress local rebels.  The Contractors are a business, and their goal is to make profits, this means destabilizing the region makes them more money .  Emily must choose between her moral compass and family.  For fans of the Punisher, Lazarus,  and Homeland.

Helios Sacrifice

Can logic and belief occupy the same space?

A speculative fiction comic that follows Raymond, Carrie, Charlie, & Sasha as they look for their friend, Joe.  Things get weird when some aliens show up and start fighting for the greatest weapon, Helios.  For fans of God is Dead and Black Science.

Issue one is complete, the line art for issue two finished, and we are working on a third issue.

What a Crime

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What A Crime Cover
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A comic written around a pun!  What a Crime is a five-page short about sex, drugs, and violence.  A love letter to Quentin Tarantino.

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