Emily Executioner

Emily Executioner is a 28 page action comic about an assassin who refuses to kill her target. Emily is an orphan raised by the Contractors, a private military company, who trains her to become their greatest asset. The Contractors want to sustain conflict in the region to maintain the profits. Emily freezes up when she is ordered to murder the daughter of a problematic political figure, becoming the enemy of the same people who she once knew as family.

Bullet in the Head

The Kickstarter successfully wrapped up June 1st of 2018. A big thank you to all who backed the book and brought it to life. It was a great experience!

Running a Kickstarter campaign is a unique experience. I am grateful for all of the support it received. Without the pre-sales, it is hard for self-publishers to determine not only print runs, but costs associated with production.

Kickstarter Header

Thanks to Alfonso at Studiocomix Press. This Kitchener ON based printer specializes in comics and is very helpful with new indie creators such as myself.

Comics in print

We had a fun book launch. Thanks to Lee at Bridge City Comics for hosting! Emily had some constructive criticism for me. It is inspiring to get so much support from comic fans for this small indie title.

Emily Has a Gun to my Head!
Book launch of Emily Executioner, hosted by Lee at Bridge City Comics.

Feel like you missed out on Emily Executioner? Don’t worry there are physical copies available on eBay and local comic shops in Saskatoon.

If digital is more your thing, you can purchase a digital version at ComixCentral or at the Saskatoon based Draw Me in Comics.

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