SpiderRed/Emily Chibi Art

The fantastically talented Dre Throne (follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/art_thirst44/ ) created the awesome SpiderRed. Then he created this fun SpiderRed/Emily Chibi mashup. Thank you kind sir, sorry it has taken me a while to post this.

Dre and I met on DeviantArt, he was nice enough to let me practice lettering on some old pages of his. He didn’t have any dialogue, just sound effects, so I ad-libbed. I dug them up to go through them, and want to talk a little about the lettering process. A lot of mistakes were made…

SpiderRed page 1
  • The positioning of the lettering is a mess. Good lettering should push they eye across the page in a giant Z pattern. The first narration box should have been in the top left corner.
  • The font size is far too large.
  • The crossbar ‘i” should never happen inside a word.
  • There is too much white space inside each text box. There should only be enough room for an additional character.
SpiderRed page 2
  • The errors I made lettering this page are similar to the last.
  • The balloon tails look terrible; inconsistent, with one being far too fat.
  • The font size is all over the place! I think I was trying to show volume with the sizes, which can look good if done right, but lettering needs subtlety.

The point I am trying to make about lettering is: good lettering, like makeup & basslines, does best when guiding the audience, not distracting them.

Want to learn more about lettering? The fine folks at Comicraft are a great resource.