Review: Blackthorne #0

Blackthorne #0

Blackthorne #0 is a Tease

I used to think Colin Work was a really nice guy.  He posts dad pictures on Facebook, is friendly to talk to, and has an awesome beard.  But then it all changed…



Blackthorne #0 introduces the setting (shout out to Calgary) and the protagonist (guess his name), hinting at a rocky past and a violent present.  We get our guy jacked up and ready to go…

Colin Work, Take My Money!

I’m looking forward to reading Blackthorne’s story.  If you wanna see more art, mingle, and see photos of Dads with beards, head over to

CEK Stuff… because I gotta make it about me…

Thanks to everyone who was generous enough to jump in early and pre-ordered Emily Executioner on Kickstarter!  As of writing this, we are 45% to the goal!  Please remember, everyone who buys the physical book during the campaign gets their name in the thank you section on the interior back cover.

Review: The Adventurers: Love You Very So Much

The Adventurers: Love You Very So Much cover

The Adventurers: Love You Very So Much, created by Calgary based, Kelly Tindall.


The style Kelly chose for this book is very economical with lines and details, but packs an emotional punch.  The Adventurers: Love You Very So Much is autobiographical, and uses clean lines to cut through all of the messy details of life and focus on what’s important, the loving relationship between father and daughter.

The Adventurers: Love You Very So Much, Pooping
The Adventurers: Love You Very So Much, Teeth


In the Comic Books and Graphic Novels course I took via Coursera, William Kushkin taught the choice of a “cartoony” style lent itself better to realism, while a more realistic style seemed to work best with outlandish stories.  Kelly’s work supports this idea, I think a more detailed style would have distracted from the  focused theme of love, and did well to capture those day to day moments families experience.

I am a father and can relate to the Adventurers.  It pushed all of the right buttons and had a near perfect balance of laughs, cries, frustration, and achievement.  The slow progress of simple skills learned, coupled with the reflection of time slipping through our fingers.  Nothing is perfect; this perfect.


The Adventurers Privacy for Parents
The Adventurers Privacy for Parents


I rate The Adventurers: Love You Very So Much: thirty-seven readings of “Goodnight Moon” before they fall asleep… finally!

Where to Find The Adventurers: Love You Very So Much

Mr. Kelly Tindall has a sleek online store where you can purchase this book, or other wonderful products.  I personally enjoyed Strangebeard, and recommend it.  The Adventurers’ website is another place to explore and learn more about the book.


I finally received my ISBN for Emily Executioner!  Still working up the courage and will to run the big scary kickstarter campaign.

Thanks for reading!