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Mark Allard-Will is a smart writer, caring person, and has neat tattoos. He sounds cool right? Yeah, he is, why haven’t you backed his Siegfried: Dragon Slayer Kickstarter yet!?

Concept image of the three main characters: Fafnir (left), Siegfried (centre) and Regin (right).
Concept image of the three main characters: Fafnir (left), Siegfried (centre) and Regin (right).

The Story (pulled from the Kickstarter)

A Danish prince, Siegfried is raised and trained by a Dwarf loyal to the King. He comes to learn of his family’s exploits; their successes, failures and tragedies, of wars between the clans of Germany and the decline of great nobility. 

These stories ignite a fire of longing inside of Siegfried, a longing for claiming adventure and renown of his own. 

Inspired to rid the coast of Denmark of a wretched Dragon (Fafnir). Siegfried will find that adventure might not come as advertised.

Sound familiar? This book is an adaptation of The Völsunga Saga, the surviving piece of Norse mythology that inspired both J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Richard Wagner’s Der Ring das Nibelung.

Promotional art of Siegfried (right) and Regin (left)
Promotional art of Siegfried (right) and Regin (left)

The Team

Mark Allard-Will – Writer/Author: The writer responsible for the Kickstarter success, The Burning Black: Legend of Black Shuck. Numerous comic credits and award wins on the indie film circuit with various short screenplays.

Jasmine Redford – Artist:  Jasmine hails from Saskatoon, Canada. Graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design and a post-graduate of English at the University of Saskatchewan. Jasmine is both a scholar and a talented artist.

Elaine M. Will – Letterer: Elaine is the author and artist of the critically acclaimed, Look Straight Ahead (I LOVE Look Straight Ahead!). Producing comic strips and illustrations for Canadian magazines, ranging from Ryerson Review of Journalism to Feathertale Review.

Page #18 - finished artwork
Page #18 – finished artwork

Siegfried: Dragon Slayer is definitely a project of passion for Mark. Over coffee, he passionately explained the mythology. Adding context of history, diving deep into this story, which he obviously loves. I’ll level with you, I’m not a history buff, but I am a fan of Mark’s work. Burning Black is a great book, and the quality of his past work has already sold me on Siegfried.

Emily Executioner Comic Launch!

Emily Executioner Funded!

Kickstarter Complete!

Kickstarter Fulfillment
Kickstarter Fulfillment

Well almost.  Most customers have received their copy of Emily Executioner.  Others are waiting on mail to arrive.  The Kickstarter was both a lot more work and a lot more rewarding than I expected.  Thanks to everyone who backed!

I will do a breakdown on my Kickstarter experience and send that to my email list, likewise if seeing the landing page interests you, follow this link.

Emily Executioner Book Launch!

Bridge City Launch
Bridge City Launch

Bridge City Comics & Collectibles was kind enough to offer a book launch for Emily Executioner!  I felt uncomfortable making it all about me, therefore we’re bringing friends:

Lee, the owner of Bridge City Comics, is a great guy who loves comics.  I’m fortunate to know him, and am excited to see the work of my peers at the event.

ComixCentral Digital Copies

ComixCentral Store
ComixCentral Store

On the digital side of things, ComixCentral is selling a digital version of Emily Executioner. They are great to work with, even more, they support a lot of Indie Comic creators, check them out!




Emily’s Kickstarter

Emily Executioner's Kickstarter Campaign

The Emily Executioner Kickstarter is Live!

I let the mouse hover over the button to officially launch the Emily Executioner Kickstarter Campaign.  Stepping back from the computer, I paced around my kitchen for a while, then drug Erin out of bed to witness… something new?  A spectacular failure; a mundane experience; a life changing event.  There is a spectrum of possibility.  Unable to back down in front of a, less than impressed, audience, I clicked the button!

Nothing, happened.  User agreement?  Oh, right… check that little box.  Now my destiny awaits, it is time to see what the future holds.  I click the button and… nothing.  The window froze.

“Can I go to bed now?” said my spouse as she pondered her life choices.

I nervously chuckled, tapping the refresh button in a therapeutic way.  This is not meant to be!  Who am I to think people will want to read something I wrote?  The walls seemed to close in on me as I watched a little arrow try to eat its own tail.  I can quit, she will understand.  She has heard me sing and stayed with me, this embarrassment is nothing…  The window loaded, I froze.

“Just click the thing.” commanded my better half.

And it was done.  No turning back.  For better or for worse, exists on the internet for all the world to see.

Emily Executioner's Kickstarter Campaign
Click the image to go the Emil’s Kickstarter.

I Need Help

This story happened about two hours ago.  It emphasizes how much I need your help.  Clicking a button is a whole can of worms for me… but you!  You are good at clicking buttons!  Those callused thumbs and fingers, are ready and raring to go.  If you click here, or the image above, you’ll find yourself at Emily Executioner Kickstarter landing page.  From there you can click on pledge levels to buy different products.  You can click the share button on social media to help Emily meet a wider audience.  Lastly, you can click here to sign up to the CEK Email List to get a free copy of What a Crime, and stay updated on the Kickstarter campaign and progress there.

Why Back Emily’s Kickstarter?

  1. It will immediately make me feel better about clicking the button.
  2. Emily’s comic is complete; products will be distributed promptly after the campaign ends.
  3. If you purchase a physical comic, your name will be a part of the entire first edition print run.

Thanks for reading, best of luck clicking… buttons.